Friday, April 19, 2013

kafka multiple choice

1. What is Kafka's last name?
a) Hakura.
b) Katura.
c) Tamura.
d) Mafura.

2. In which Japanese city does Kafka live?
a) Tokyo.
b) Hiroshima.
c) Osaka.
d) Kyoto.

3. What is the name of Kafka's imaginary companion?
a) Crow.
b) Robin.
c) Raven.
d) Jay.

4. How old is Kafka when he decides to run away from home?
a) Fifteen.
b) Seventeen.
c) Thirteen.
d) Eleven.

5. Which of the following items is NOT something Kafka steals from his father before running away?
 a) His knife.
b) His money.
c) His diary.

6. What is the name of Mrs. Saeki's spirit?

a) Keiko.
b) Ying.
c) Sakura.
d) She has no name.

7. Who is asked to kill evil before it can escape through the entrance stone?

a) Oshina.
b) Kafka.
c) Hoshino.
d) Nakata.

8. How does Nakata react when he sees some bikers beating a man at the truck stop?

a) He is terrified.
b) He is confused.
c) He is amused.
d) He is enraged.

9. How long does Kafka spend unattended at Oshima's cottage?

a) Three years.
b) Three months.
c) Three days.
d) Three weeks.

10. What weather storms into the city after Hoshino steals the entrance stone?

a) Hail.
b) Tornados.
c) Snow.
d) Rain.

11. How old was Nakata when his mentor died, closing the shop where they both worked?

a) 40.
b) 10.
c) 20.
d) 60.

12. Where was Mrs. Saeki's boyfriend killed?

a) At a book sale.
b) At a student protest.
c) At a birthday party.
d) At a rock concert.

13. How old was Mrs. Saeki when she opened the entrance stone for the first time?

a) 20.
b) 40.
c) 30.
d) 10.

14. Which part of the paralyzed cats' bodies does Johnny Walker eat while Nakata looks on, horrified?

a) Their eyes.
b) Their brains.
c) Their tongues.
d) Their hearts.

15. How does Hoshino carry the entrance stone back to his hotel room?

a) In a taxi cab.
b) In a wagon.
c) In his pocket.
d) In a backpack.

16. Which of the following phrases does Mrs. Saeki use to describe herself?

a) An incomplete shadow.
b) A separated whole.
c) A boundless body.
d) A mysterious soul.

17. What is pachinko?

a) Footwear.
b) A type of sticky rice.
c) A gambling game.
d) A child's toy.

18. Who is the only other person that Kafka encounters as he is wandering through the woods?

a) Mrs. Saeki's spirit.
b) A Japanese soldier.
c) A small, frightened girl.
d) He does not encounter any other person.

19. Which of the following is NOT something that ceases to matter in the deserted village?

a) Time.
b) Love.
c) Hunger.
d) Memory.

20. What party does the political trucker align himself with?

a) Libertarians.
b) Democrats.
c) Republicans.
d) Communists.

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